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British Fascism: Know your Enemy

Below is the first in a series of infographics produced by UKAktion, with the aim of demystifying the British far-right so that antifascists can more effectively combat them. Feel free to download and… Continue reading

Antifascism in the UK: Highlights of 2014

This past year has been a busy one for antifascists in the UK, seeing many successful counter-mobilisations against the far-right, resulting in swathe of victories for antifascists. The year began with a bang… Continue reading

Britain First’s National Conference – another fail from the far-right.

Originally posted on Anti-Fascist Network:
A campaign led by Berkshire Anti-Fascists has resulted in getting Britain First’s national conference cancelled in the week that they were hoping to celebrate their publicity-hungry intervention in…

EDL/WDL/WA in London, Cardiff & Leeds

EDL at the BBC Office in London: #edl demonstration by the #bbc #london pic.twitter.com/uaKYUrdMR1 — محمد طه بي بي سيTAHA (@BBCTaha) October 25, 2014 According to a bambuser account #EDL have been fucked… Continue reading

An Antifascist Roundup

[UPDATED] This weekend just gone antifascists were at the Anarchist Bookfair with a successful stall and talk, and the next day held another event at the AFem Conference. Meanwhile, the far-right’s premier hooligan… Continue reading

Opposing the EDL on Sat 20

GATHER @ 11:30AM, SAT 20 SEPT, DOWNING ST. LONDON. NEAREST TUBE: WESTMINSTER. The UAF are officially the only group to have done a call out to oppose the EDL’s National Demo in Whitehall.… Continue reading