Anti-Fascist Network statement on the far-right and the Rotherham scandal

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It is the responsibility of anti-racists and anti-fascists to break the silence on the nature of the far-right’s presence in Rotherham. By now virtually everyone in the country…

Something ain’t Right in #Rotherham

Anti-Capitalist Action Brighton discusses the responses of the far-right to #Rotherham and the dangers of their capitalisation on it for their own ideological ends. Also in the media today, Vice released an article… Continue reading

Solidarité internationale

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Translation: Solidarity with Lucie and other victims of fascism. Solidarity and Struggle. (In French and Basque). Antifascistes – Féministes – Révolutionnaires View original post

Pavlos Fyssas Lives!

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On Sunday 21st of September, AAfG in cooperation with Defend the Right to Protest will be holding a fundraising music event in tribute to Pavlos Fyssas,…