Following their recent large demonstration in Cologne, the German far-right group HoGeSa (Hooligans Gegen Salafisten) have called demos in Berlin on Nov 9 and in Hannover and Hamburg on Nov 15. Antifascists countered… Continue reading

Luton is Antifascist! 22nd Nov

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On November 22nd, the EDL will be holding a national demonstration in Luton. The Antifascist Network, alongside many other antifascist groups, is mobilising to oppose them. A previous…

Britain First Fascists Embarrassed in Rochester

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Yesterday (01/11/14) was Britain First’s “National Day of Action” in Rochester, the town in which their deputy leader, Jayda Fransen, is standing for election. Despite talk on the…

Stop the march of the far-right in Rochester this Saturday!

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Meet at the train station, Rochester, Kent, Sat Nov 1st. 12.30pm Facebook event As you may have gathered from the national media, a small political party called the…

Victory in Cardiff!

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It was a busy weekend for anti-fascists with people opposing the EDL in Leeds, Leeds AFN holding their own demo in Rotherham and anti-fascists joining a pro-Kobane demo…

Pubs to avoid: Prince of Wales, St Mary’s Street, Cardiff, welcomes fascists and turns away the opposition.

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Prince of Wales in St Mary’s Street, Cardiff welcomes fascists. Locals who turned out to defend Cardiff city centre against racists on Saturday were astonished to find a…