A guide to the far right in Sheffield

Sheffield Anti-Fascist Network

UK Aktion have produced a handy guide to the UK’s far right. Some of the groups are too exotic to spot in Sheffield, and some (ahem, Casuals, ahem) barely exist outside their own overactive imaginations, but there are some that local anti-fascists should be aware of.

English Defence League

The EDL have been the far right group with the most active members in Sheffield over the last few years, but most of that activity has been travelling to EDL demos elsewhere. Their appearances in Sheffield have been rather shambolic e.g. protesting against Halal meat outside a KFC which didn’t sell Halal meat, marching against a new mosque that turned out to be a KFC and being prevented from marching by antifascists. They have also been beset by internal feuding, with one member being accused of bringing a gang to attack another member at his house, and…

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