Britain First’s National Conference – another fail from the far-right.


The night before their scheduled conference date, Sat 22 Nov, Britain First announced a change of venue, switching (thanks to the help of Berkshire Antifascists) from Sandhurst to Bexley, South London. It’s unclear as to why the day ended as it did, but what is for sure is that the police turned up to the conference around half 2, greeted by BF fuhrer Paul Goldfish shouting ‘gestapo’ at the top of his lungs, no doubt parroted by his trusty sidekick Jayda Fransen, the all-out loser of the recent Rochester and Strood by-election (with 100 votes less than the Monster Raving Loonies).

A still from BF’s video, posted on the FB page.

Britain First whine on their website claiming that “they deliberately cut the power in our Conference room (that we paid for and signed a contract for) and then they ordered us to disband the meeting or else […] We have had various meeting venues closed down reaching its climax yesterday when our annual Conference was forcibly closed down by the police half way through proceedings. We were unable to show any media displays and instead had to cut the agenda in half.” A police spokesperson reported that their claims are fake and that they have “denied any interference, claiming they were called in response to a disturbance and did not attempt to halt the event”.

A photo which they apparently risked arrest to take…

BBC reported that the first meeting, in Sandhurst, “had been booked as a group meeting for 100 people without any reference to Britain First”, however BF’s own photos from the day show around 36 people gathering for a group photo – small “national” conference eh? Piggybacking this minor disturbance and now proclaiming themselves to be the ‘most persecuted political party’ in the UK, it’s clear the endless stream of bullshit from BF isn’t over just yet. You wouldn’t have thought it was all that bad… considering their conference attendance rivaled that of a picnic in the rain consisting of only soggy mushroom sandwiches.

Fransen receiving a caution.

Anti-Fascist Network


A campaign led by Berkshire Anti-Fascists has resulted in getting Britain First’s national conference cancelled in the week that they were hoping to celebrate their publicity-hungry intervention in the Rochester by-election.

Intelligence gathering by Berkshire Anti-Fascists discovered that the wannabe paramilitaries and notorious racists were due to hold their national conference (and disco!) at the The New Owlsmoor Community Centre in Sandhurst, which is owned by Bracknell Forest Council. This was the same venue they used last year.

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