Following their recent large demonstration in Cologne, the German far-right group HoGeSa (Hooligans Gegen Salafisten) have called demos in Berlin on Nov 9 and in Hannover and Hamburg on Nov 15. Antifascists countered their previous mobilisation in Cologne but were unfortunately outnumbered by this growing fascist movement, which began as a facebook group (the previous article on HoGeSa describes the group and their origins in more detail).

What’s interesting is how closely this far-right crap brigade mirrors the EDL – from their beginnings on social media, to their use of anti-Islamic rhetoric and of right-wing hooliganism to further their own brand of extremism.

HoGeSa have stated that they are organising the “white revolution” to begin on Nov 9 in Berlin (any comments I have about the ridiculousness of this statement cannot help but be drenched in sarcasm and disdain). They chose this date as it is the date of Kristallnacht (Nov 9/10, 1938), the Nazi pogrom against Jewish people and businesses.

Like the missing link, this group represents the middle ground between anti-Jewish neo-Nazis and the newer reincarnation of fascism in anti-Muslim groups like the EDL (who try to distance themselves from neo-Nazi elements among them). HoGeSa straddles this divide in the spectrum of right-wing lunatics, amalgamating both aspects.

UKAktion sends its solidarity to german antifascists around the country as they begin to counter this new fascist manifestation, so similar to our own. We wait for reports on HoGeSa numbers in the coming weekends, and sincerely hope their threats of ‘burning Rote Flora to the ground’ are met with the kind of resistance the polizei faced when they tried to evict it last year (see below).