Stop the march of the far-right in Rochester this Saturday!

Anti-Fascist Network


Meet at the train station, Rochester, Kent, Sat Nov 1st. 12.30pm

Facebook event

As you may have gathered from the national media, a small political party called the United Kingdom Independence Party got its first MP recently by winning a by-election in Clacton. You may also have gathered that they are hoping to win another by-election on November 20th in Rochester and Strood.

Muddying the waters significantly are the widely-despised ex-BNP mosque-‘invading’ flat-cap wearing racists of Britain First, who are also running their deputy leader Jayda Fransen as a candidate on November 20th.

Britain First have become notorious for wearing uniforms like Poundland Moselyites, running ‘patrols’ of largely Muslim areas and ‘invading’ mosques as well as the shameless hawking of patriotic tat and exploiting the gullible to boost their social media profile through prolific use of ‘click-bait’ images. Their own founder admitted they were “overrun with racists and extremists.”

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