Thousands in far-right “Ho.Ge.Sa” rally in Cologne

Hooligans gegen Salafisten: translates to Hooligans against Salafism (a branch of Islamic ideology which sees the salaf, or ancestors, as those most closely embodying the epitome of Islamic practice – and is found mostly in Saudi, UAE and Qatar). Abbreviated to HoGeSa this group began on Facebook, in Sept they drew around 300 to a demo, and yesterday they drew well over 2,000 from the far-right to Cologne, with some reports indicating this number was up to 4,000.

As over here, the far-right has been using the threat of ISIS and their brutal attacks as a means of recruitment, rallying support of their Islamophobic and racist views, taking to the streets and attacking antifascists who had gathered to oppose them. Sources say that the antifascists were stood with Kurdish people who were protesting ISIS terror and Turkey’s role in the current war in Rojava.

One source states that “anti-immigration demonstrators including Ho.Ge.Sa members took to the streets reportedly chanting foreigners out!“, and that “violent clashes broke out between the anti-immigration groups when they were met by thousands of anti-fascist demonstrators. Another source describes how they “rioted for hours; and in the evening lots of ambulances were sent to the main train station. Nazis again and again attacked people, and many were injured. Cops were also wounded.”

Around 1,000 riot police were called in and as the video below shows they gave the antifascists shit whilst protecting the far-right, sound familiar? The second video below this shows the pigs letting far-right demonstrators take selfies in front of the flipped over cop van. The antifascists however drew a large crowd and marched through the streets, they must have stood their ground well as no reports of seriously injured antifascists have been circulated yet.

With around 13 pigs injured this appears to have been another day of scum-on-filth fighting. Well done to antifascists how turned out to counter a demo of this size, good work comrades.