An Antifascist Roundup


This weekend just gone antifascists were at the Anarchist Bookfair with a successful stall and talk, and the next day held another event at the AFem Conference. Meanwhile, the far-right’s premier hooligan wannabes the Casuals United held a demo (ie. put up a sticker and waved a bit of cloth around like modern day morris dancers) outside Clapton F.C., then “mooched” to central London, attacking lone trade-unionists from the large TUC demo, managing the mighty feat of pushing a young woman down some stairs – later boasting about on the internet. Way to go guys, real classy…

Antifascists also attended the Kobani solidarity demo in London on Sunday, kicking out an ex-NF speaker.

Coming up this weekend there are 2 EDL BBC demonstrations, in Leeds and in London (both starting times are at 14:00). The Yorkshire EDL have posted that their demo will be static with speeches, outside the BBC office in Leeds. There have been no counter demonstrations called to oppose the EDL BBC demos, it is however important to keep an eye on them in the wake of the Rotherham abuse scandal – click the image below for the Leeds facebook event.

There is also a counter mobilisation against the Welsh Alliance (previously known as the Welsh Defence League) in Cardiff. The WA are holding an authorised event, that will march at 12:30. Counter demonstrators at meeting at 11:45 on the green in front of Cardiff Castle, opposite the Rummer Tavern, CF10 1AY. The link to the facebook event is here.

As well as this there is a demonstration in Rotherham, billed as an antifascist response to the abuse scandals uncovered in recent months. Available autonomous travelling antifascists should go try make it to the Rotherham demo, called by Leeds Anti-fascist Network (their facebook and wordpress here), as this is a serious issue that deserves a serious response from antifascist, condemning it as an issue of police corruption, sexism and classism – rather than an issue of race. Click on the image below for the facebook event, or click here.

After this weekend it appears (so far) that we have a weekend off after that, however for those bound to their keyboards there is an online storm on Oct 31 going under the title International Report Britain First for Hate Speech Day, find the facebook event here. Moving on to the weekend of 8 Nov there is an EDL Yorkshire Regional Demo (facebook event here), in which they will be holding their first-ever split demo: one in Leeds and the other in Rotherham, both starting at 11:00. Hopefully this will mean that their numbers are split between both places, however in the wake of the Rotherham abuse scandal it would be unwise to underestimate them.

In the days after that the NF will be gathering for their annual Remembrance Day wreath-laying in Whitehall at the Cenotaph on Sunday 9 Nov. The following day Nigel Farage will be included in a lecture at St. Bride’s Church, Fleet Street, London (details here). Also a reminder that there will be an EDL National demo in Luton on Sat 22 Nov, beginning at 14:00 (facebook event here). More information to come.