Nigel Farage is in Cambridge this Friday

This Friday, human haddock Nigel Farage (UKIP, for the international crowd) is set to give a lecture hosted by Cambridge University, between 6 and 7PM. UKIP preaches a wide range of racist and xenophobic policies, including the demonisation of Eastern Europeans and Muslims and the closing of the UK borders to migrants. In a recent article a student commented on Farage’s talk, saying “College has been incredibly devious in trying to keep this quiet. Safe to say, it’s not popular.” Cambridge has a high student population however, once you move past all the gown and see the town, it’s clear that it holds diverse population which thrives on it’s multicultural aspects. The talk is being held in the Mill Lane Lecture Rooms, Room 9, 8 Mill Lane, CB2 1RW. Individuals from the community have organised a demo to meet at half 5: the Facebook event is here. Swing by and tell him what you think about his racist and homophobic views, in person!