Fascists go where they’re told in Pompey

Portsmouth Antifascists have posted a much longer write-up about Saturday, this will elaborate on the details written about in the last article. Well done comrades for an effective counter-mobilisation, and at such short notice too.

For more information check out https://portsmouthantifascists.wordpress.com/.

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

On Thursday morning local antifascists discovered plans by local EDL members to hold a march in our city that Saturday against a proposed Muslim Faith School.

Feeling confident we were unprepared, the racists excitedly told the local press that “Hundreds would come” and they would be backed up by EDL and Britain First. They weren’t racist however, because this was organised by “ordinary, local people”. (Strangely, the only flags and placards on the demo were EDL, hmmmmm?).

Being the brave foot soldiers they are, they planned a route that would be better classed a hike, covering most of the south of the Island. This route included marching down Elm Grove and Albert Road, Portsmouth’s cultural hub and home to many Asian businesses. Foreseeing the potential clash between the EDL and the mass of Southsea hipsters, artisans and locals, Police wisely told the EDL, they wouldn’t be going near there.


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