This weekend in Dover and Doncaster

On Sat 27 the far-right had two events planned at opposite ends of the country, the one in Dover a protest about immigration and EU border regulations under the guise of ‘Support Our Truckers’, the other in Doncaster was a UKIP conference. Normally, UKAktion would have someone on the ground to report back and check the accuracy of some information, however, this time it was not the case so this is a report back with details drawn from other news sources.

“Keep out! This is our shit hole!”


Unsurprisingly in Dover the turn out was pitiful, amounting to about 30-50 of them, including a gaggle of NF’ers, the obscure East Kent English Patriots, and of course the mighty cock-wombles, the South East Alliance – all standing in the overcast, drizzling, crumbling, decrepid port town that is Dover (sorry, people of Dover)…

Some of the online support, where were they on the day?

Of course, the online hype surrounding the protest, under the banner of “Support Our Truckers”, failed to manifest on the day. The news in the days leading up to it reported that hundreds of truckers were to descend on Dover’s port to blockade it in protest, whilst the far-right were to come out in support. The Facebook group in connection with the protest posted multiple counts of racist imagery, plus an implication of turning the sky red over Dover, with smoke bombs that never made it to the demo…

Facebook screenshots of online shite in the run up to the protest.

However, the legions of supporters never showed, the port remained open all day (one of many sources, here), and the truckers were reported to have concerns over the appearance of racists and fascists at the protest. It is clear that the globule of various far-right groups in Dover on Saturday did not achieve what they set out to do, instead it appears they stood around in the rain, did a little march, and spent most of their time surrounded by coppers.

The grimmest looking gathering for miles around.

Chief Super. Pig from Kent Po-Po made a statement to the press, declaring that “we were able to actively engage with the protestors to ensure Kent Police facilitated what was a peaceful demonstration”, and that there was “no disruption to both the Eastern and Western Docks and the impact on the highways around the Port of Dover was kept to a minimum during the protest” (source).

So not only was their day-trip a failure but in the online aftermath some of these so called ‘supporters’ on the Facebook page resorted to labeling dissenting truckers as ‘red scum’ and ‘bolshevik retards’, way to go… It appears that not only did the truckers not condone the presence of the far-right surrounding the issue of the Dover crossing and immigration, but they intentionally stayed away from the protest because of the extreme views of this bunch of racist morons.


Facebook screenshot from the Support Our Truckers page.

Known faces that showed up on the day included Paul ‘the snaggletooth’ Pitt (who fancies himself as King of the south coast fascists) and President of the BNP, toupée’d potato, Nick ‘the shit’ Griffin himself – below is a photo of the pair in front of NF tat.

“Group hug!”


Doncaster comes out to oppose UKIP.

Meanwhile on the same day up in Doncaster, UKIP had their annual conference which was well countered by UAF types and unions, with numbers reported up to a thousand. Reports to UKAktion from the ground describe the presence of a 7 or 8 EDL members, led by human-mannequin and EDL “angel” Gail Speight, that had shown up “to defend the demo and shout abuse”, whilst “a few UKIP folks abused a camera man who tried to interview them”.

Farage tries out new role as Zombie Overlord at conference in Doncaster.

Buzzfeed put out a hilarious post entitled ’28 Deeply Bizarre Things I Saw At UKIP’s Annual Conference’, describing the conference as a twisted version of ‘Nigel’s Supermarket Sweep’. It appears that UKIP have a history of using their conferences to sell pointless tat, as seen here in this Vice article from earlier in the year. I can’t say that I’m swayed by tacky porcelain bulldogs, which no doubt emanate an air of loveable nationalism capable of turning even the most stubborn red into a true patriot, but the diamante UKIP lanyard… well, just wow. But, just wait! The pièce de résistance was clearly, hands-down, the UKIP not-racist closet! (Wish I could embed this video easily, however the link to it is here:

The not-to-miss event of the year: the UKIP car boot sale… er, I mean conference.