Opposing the EDL on Sat 20


The UAF are officially the only group to have done a call out to oppose the EDL’s National Demo in Whitehall. UKAktion, however, strongly encourages all affiliated and/or autonomous antifascists to gather and counter the far-right at Downing Street. This demonstration could potentially see higher numbers than normal on their side, if they aren’t too knackered from last weekends scum on scum punch up in Rotherham. Whilst the apprehension of various London antifascist groups towards demonstrations within the square mile is understandable, it should not hinder our purpose as an organisation of antifascists,  and should not delay calls to action. To counter the effects of central London surveillance oppression on antifascist demonstrations aim to blend more with the crowd than with your comrades. Black bloc as a tactic has a time and place, but recently has become a method of easy police detection. The AccidentalAnarchist released a post today precisely on this topic, click here to find it. Dress casual, don’t miss all the fun y’all 😉

No platform. No Pasaran.

Click here for the UAF call out, and below is their statement:

The EDL are cynically trying to exploit the Rotherham child abuse horror, and British fascists are attempting to unify around this. In Rotherham and in London, the EDL are planning to hold demonstrations over the next two Saturdays. Far right and fascist groups are attempting to recover from set backs anti-fascists have inflicted on them and want to divide us.

The EDL have seized on the appalling  child abuse to engender racism against Muslims. They want to “racialise” the issue. UAF will be holding a counter demonstration against the EDL next Saturday, 20th September from 11.30am, at Downing Street. UAF invites all who reject attempts to divide our communities to join us. Bring your friends, families and banners.