Something ain’t Right in #Rotherham

Anti-Capitalist Action Brighton discusses the responses of the far-right to #Rotherham and the dangers of their capitalisation on it for their own ideological ends. Also in the media today, Vice released an article entitled White British Nationalists Are Burning Crosses in the Woods Outside London, in which “Professor Matthew Feldman – Co-Director of the Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies at Teesside University, and an expert on the radical far-right – agreed that the burning of a cross is unmistakably a symbol of hate and violence […] Feldman also spoke about trigger events, which, in a way, “license” the far-right to take to the streets and publicly promote their views. Events like 7/7, the murder of Lee Rigby – which sparked a sharp rise in BNP and EDL-led demonstrations across the country – and the recent case in Rotherham, where several “anti-Muslim paedo gangs” demonstrations were held by the BNP and Britain First.” (See article here)