Pavlos Fyssas Lives!

Upcoming solidarity fundraising event in memory of Pavlos Fyssas, one year on. Also, join us on the streets at London’s response to the international antifascist call-out to commemorate the death of a comrade at the hands of the fascists, meeting at the Cable Street Mural at 7PM. The event page for the International Day of Solidarity is here.


Remember Clement & Pavlos.

Anti-Fascist Action For Greece

On Sunday 21st of September, AAfG in cooperation with Defend the Right to Protest will be holding a fundraising music event in tribute to Pavlos Fyssas, one year after his murder.

Rapper Pavlos Fyssas who had a strong anti-fascist and anti-racist sentiment in his lyrics, was murdered by members of neo-Nazi organisation ‘Golden Dawn’ on the 18th September 2013.

Join us in giving a powerful message against the rise of fascism and racism in Europe. From our neighbourhoods, to the whole of Europe there is only one message to those who thrive on fear: NO PASARAN!


Dalston Victoria
451 Queensbridge Road, London E8 3AS

The bands who will be contributing with their music are:

Stereo Mike (Hip Hop)
John Blood & The Highlys (Reggae / World)
Kourelou (Balkan)
Dave Roca (Alternative)
SOAS Ceilidh Band (Folk)

Proceeds will go to the surviving…

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